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DPSS laser (side pumping) DPSS laser (1064/532nm) DPSS laser (532/473/671nm) DPSS laser (1342nm)
CW Nd:YAG laser Pulsed Nd:YAG laser

High repetition rate DPSS laser

High peak power DPSS laser

DPSS UV lasers Fiber coupled laser diode Collimated laser diode HP fiber coupled diode
Green, blue & red laser pointer Green laser module Red diode laser Laser diode array

Fiber laser

Non-Collinear Optical

Parametric Amplifier

Ti:Sapphire Ultrashort

Pulse Laser


Femtosecond Laser





Tunable Ultrafast Source

for Microscopy Applications

Femtosecond Lasers

Picosecond Lasers

passively Q-switched laser

(213, 266, 355, 532, 1064nm)

RF-excited CO2 laser CO2 laser control unit DC-excited CO2 laser High power CO2 lasers
266nm CW laser Optical parametric oscillator Tunable dye laser  EO Q-switched lasers
Fiber laser Visible fiber laser

Diode-pumped laser module

Ceramic laser (1064/532nm)
Ultrafast OPOs      

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