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          iNOPA™ Non-Collinear Optical Parametric Amplifier



l         Optimized to be pumped by the Model IMPULSETM Yb-doped Fiber

l         Oscillator/Amplifier

l         Pulses as short as 14fs1

l         Near TEM00 output mode

l         Compact, user-friendly design

l         White light continuum-seeded for high stability


iNOPA™ is a white light continuum-seeded, non-collinear, optical parametric amplifier capable of generating extremely short pulses when pumped by the Model IMPULSETM Yb-doped Fiber Oscillator/Amplifier. To generate short pulses the output beam of the Model IMPULSE laser is split into two beams inside the Model iNOPA enclosure. One beam is used to generate an extremely broad continuum seed beam which is then amplified by the second, higher intensity beam from IMPULSETM in a BBO crystal operated in a non-collinear arrangement. Non-collinear amplification preserves the very broad linewidth of the seed beam, which can then be compressed to a pulsewidth as short as 15 fs in a prism compressor. Non-collinear amplification is preferred since the resulting pulsewidth is dependent only on the bandwidth of the seed and not on the pulsewidth of the pump laser. In fact, conversion efficiency is improved by having a longer, rather than shorter, pump pulse because the there is more overlap in time between the two beams.


Specifications when pumped with 10uJ/pulse from a Model IMPULSETM

Pulsewidth: <40fs (deconvolved)

Repetition Rate: 1MHz (other repetition rates available as options)

Tuning range: 650nm to 950nm and 1100nm to >1300nm (other tuning ranges available options)

Pulse energy: >250nJ/pulse at peak of tuning range

Noise: <1%rms for f >2Hz

Polarization: Linear, horizontal



Size: 15"W x 32.5”L x 9”H

Electrical/Water: None


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1Christian Schriever, Stefan Lochbrunner, Patrizia Krok, and Eberhard Riedle; Tunable pulses from below 300 to 970 nm with durations down to 14 fs based on a 2 MHz ytterbiumdoped fiber system, OPTICS LETTERS / Vol. 33, No. 2 / January 15, 2008


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