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1.  Principle of adjusting laser power


A TTL compatible signal must be provided to the laser of the power and signal connector to drive the laser. Output power can be controlled from 0 to 100% (CW Mode) by pulse width modulation of the input signal. The output laser power is proportional to the duty of the PWM signal.


In our controllers, the frequency is fixed at 5kHz (0.2ms). Adjusting the output laser power means adjusting pulse width T1.


2. STCB series integrated laser controller


CO2 laser controller provides DC power supply of CO2 laser, control I/Os and laser power adjustment. It is integrated with a 19 control panel. Its main specifications areco2control.gif (34925 字节)

  • Model: STCB28-xxxx (xxxx: CO2 laser model such as ULR10, ULR50 etc)

  • Provide DC power supply according to the lasers (ULR10, ULR30, ) (optional)

  • Laser power adjustable from 0 to 99% of the maximum laser power

  • Two control methods available: manual and auto

  • Under the manual method, a potentiameter on the panel is used to adjust the laser power and a button is used to switch on/off laser

  • Under the auto method, external signal TTL is used to adjust laser power, laser pulse repetition rate and laser beam on/off

  • Dimension (LxWxH): 500x302x100mm

3. STCBV series compact laser controller


This compact laser power controller is used to digitally modulate the RF amplifiers that excite the plasma within the resonating chamber of the laser. This is accomplished by using a clock frequency square wave of 5kHz and varying the duty cycle of that square wave from 0 to 99%.


The main specifications are:

  • Power input: +5VDC

  • Signal output: 0-99% duty cycle PWM 5kHz

  • Gate input (default logic low): TTL logic (High +5VDC, Low 0VDC)

  • Clock frequency: 5kHz +/-% accuracy

  • Enable input (default logic low): TTL logic (High +5VDC, Low 0VDC)

  • Two control methods available: manual and auto

  • Dimension (LxWxH): 6.26x4.125x1.5inch (159x105x38mm)

  • Weight: 12.3 ounces (0.349kg)

  CO2 Lasers

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