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          CPA-Series Ti:Sapphire Ultrashort Pulse Laser



l         Drift-free, NO TWEAK™ performance

l         Smallest footprint in the industry

l         Transportable

l         Fully-integrated plug-and-play design

l         Built-in computer control with embedded .Net DLL files accessible from LabView, MatLab (R2009a & later), C#, VisualBasic

l         Apple iPod Touch with iLase CPA client app for remote operation and monitoring

l         Built-in electronic shutter for “pulse-on-demand” delivery of single or multiple pulses up to 64,000

l         Over 10,000 hours of proven utility in micromachining applications

l         Ideal for

l              Pumping OPA (NOPA, TOPAS)

l              Nonlinear spectroscopy

l              Micromachining


Our field-proven CPA-Series Ti:Sapphire lasers redefine user-friendliness in a low cost-of-ownership source of ultrashort pulses of light. It is a complete, fully-integrated, ultrashort pulse oscillator/amplifier system controlled by an embedded touch-screen computer or from any Windows-based computer with a network connection. The included software provides control of laser performance parameters such as power output, pulsewidth, pump power, timing, and selection of single pulse or groups of multiple pulses. A suite of diagnostics is also included to monitor laser performance. The simple, intuitive, user-friendly interface provides both status information and control from external devices such as the included Apple iPod Touch preloaded with our iLase CPA software app. Resident .Net DLL files allow interfacing with your existing application-specific, custom software (LabView, MatLab, VisualBasic, etc.)


The Model CPA-Series provides the best of both worlds by combining the long life of telecom-qualified single-emitter pump diode with the low cost of operation of a single cw lamp. The result is a laser with the lowest cost of ownership on the market today. It is fully compatible with our NOPA series of optical parametric amplifiers providing tunable sub-50 fs pulses, TOPAS series of OPAs, STORC Harmonic Generators, and ShapeShifter™ ultrashort pulse nonlinear spectrometers (transient absorption, pump/probe, CARS, surface-specific SFG, SHG, THG, etc.)


Performance Parameters:



Pulse energy


Repetition Rate


>0.8 mJ at ≤1kHz


Up to 1 kHz


>1mJ at 1kHz

>0.6 mJ at 1-2kHz

1.2 +/- 0.1

Up to 2 kHz


Constant average power of 2.5 W from 3kHz to 6kHz

(Customer-chosen factory setting)

1.2 +/- 0.1

3 to 6 kHz fixed


>2mJ at 1kHz

>1.5mJ at 1-2kHz

1.2 +/- 0.1

Up to 2 kHz


Pulsewidth: <150fs

Wavelength: 775nm

TBWP: <1.4 x transform limit (sech2)

Polarization: Linear, horizontal

Aspect Ratio: 100:1

Transverse mode: TEM00

Energy stability: <1%rms

Beam diameter (FWHM): 4 – 6mm

Beam divergence: <100 microradians


Additional Output Options:


Amplifier pump laser: Up to 10mJ/pulse at circa 200ns pulsewidth at 532nm

Oscillator wavelength: Average power output >10 mW at 1550nm

or >3mW at 775nm at nominal repetition rate of 30MHz


Picosecond Option for CPA-2101:


Pulse energy:>0.6mJ at rep. rates ≤1kHz Linewidth: <8cm-1

TBWP: <1.2 x transform limit (Gaussian)


Physical Dimensions:


Laser head: 48” L x 20” W x 12” H

Power supply: 28” H x 23” W x 38” D


Utility Requirements:


Electric: 110 VAC, 60 or 50 Hz, 10 A and 208 VAC, 60 or 50 Hz, 40 A

Water: Tap water, 4 gpm, 15-20°C, 30-50 psi




Oscillator parts, including the diode laser, are warranted for 40,000 hours or five (5) years, whichever comes first. Please contact us for further details.


These products protected under US patent numbers:

5,530,582; 5,572,358; 5,592,327; 5,594,256


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