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Nd:YVO4 is the most efficient laser crystal for diode-pumped solid-state lasers. Its good physical, optical and mechanical properties make Nd:YVO4 an excellent crystal for high power, stable and cost-effective diode-pumped solid-state lasers. Compared with Nd:YAG for diode laser pumping, Nd:YVO4 lasers possess:

  • Lower lasing threshold and higher slope efficiency

  • Large stimulated emission cross-section at lasing wavelength

  • High absorption over a wide pumping wavelength bandwidth

  • Low dependency on pumping wavelength and tend to single mode output

  • Optically uniaxial and large birefringence emit strongly-polarized laser

We provide high quality and large size Nd:YVO4 and pure YVO4 crystal as large as f 35x50mm3 bulk crystal and f 20x20mm3 finished crystal at a very competitive price.


Basic Properties:

Atomic Density:

1.26x1020 atoms/cm3 (Nd 1.0%)

Crystal Structure:

Zircon Tetragonal, space group D4h-I4/amd

a=b=7.1193 Angstrom, c=6.2892 Angstrom



Mohs Hardness:

4-5 (Glass-like)

Thermal Expansion Coefficient (300K):

aa=4.43x10-6/K; ac=11.37x10-6/K

Thermal Conductivity Coefficient (300K):

//C: 0.0523W/cm/K; ^ C: 0.0510W/cm/K


Optical Properties:

Lasing wavelength:

1064nm, 1342nm

Thermal optical coefficient (300K):

dno/dT=8.5x10-6/K, dne/dT=2.9x10-6/K

Stimulated emission cross-section:

25x10-19cm2 @1064nm

Fluorescent lifetime:


Absorption coefficient:

31.4cm-1 @810nm

Intrinsic loss:

0.02cm-1 @1064nm

Gain bandwidth:

0.96nm @1064nm

Polarized laser emission:

p polarization; parallel to optic axis(c-axis)

Diode pumped optical to optical efficiency:



Laser Properties:

The Nd:YVO4 crystal has large stimulated emission cross-sections at both 1064nm and 1342nm. The stimulated emission cross-section of an a-axis cut Nd:YVO4 crystal at 1064nm is about 4 times higher than that of the Nd:YAG crystal. Although the lifetime of Nd:YVO4 is about 2.7 times shorter than that of Nd:YAG. Because of its high pump quantum efficiency, the slope efficiency of Nd:YVO4 can be very high if the laser cavity is properly designed.


Nd:YVO4 Specifications:

Transmitting wavefront distortion

less than l /4 @ 633 nm

Dimension tolerance

(W � 0.1 mm) x (H � 0.1 mm) x (L + 0.2 mm/-0.1)

Clear aperture

> 90% central area


l /8@633nm, & l /4@633nm for thickness less than 2mm

Scratch/Dig code

10/5 to MIL-O-13830A


better than 20 arc seconds


5 arc minutes

Angle tolerance

< � 0.5�

AR coating

R< 0.2% at 1064nm, HR coating R>99.8% at 1064nm, T>95% at 808nm


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