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Being able to custom configure your own laser system is yet another innovative philosophy that Universal Laser Systems has adopted to service the needs of its customer base. We believe that the customer should purchase only what is needed. It is also important that owners of ULS systems have the confidence in knowing that they can easily expand the capabilities of their laser system(s) as their business needs expand.


Air Cleaner/Cart:

Purpose: To provide a convenient and stylish enclosure for air cleaner.

Advantage: VersaLaser sits atop air cleaner and locks in place.  Controlled through USB port and activated only when jobs are in process.  Locking casters for moving convenience.

Compatibility: VersaLaser only.


Auto Focus:

Purpose: Sets work table to proper height for laser processing.

Advantage: Simplifies setup process by assuring proper in-focus position for items placed on the work table. This also eliminates wasted material common when one forgets to focus with a manual focus system.

Compatibility: Standard on all M, V & X laser platforms.



Purpose: To blow high pressure air at the point of laser interaction with the material to be cut or engraved.

Advantage: High PSI (pressure) design with user-adjustable pressure regulator can be configured for many applications. Back sweep design reduces flaming and cools material and directs smoke and fumes toward the exhaust, thus keeping engraving and cutting materials cleaner.

Common Uses: All types of engraving and cutting applications.


Coaxial Air Assist with Optics Protection (Computer Controlled)

Purpose: Suppresses flaming and assists with optics protection.

Advantage: The Computer Controlled Air Assist is controlled by the print driver and allows up to two air sources or one air and one gas source. One air source is used to protect the moving mirrors and lens. The same air source or another source of air or gas can be forced directly in line with the laser path through a nozzle below the lens to assist in engraving or cutting. Air or gas can be turned on to high or low pressure or off during the job, all controlled by commands from the computer. Directing air onto the optics instead of using gas saves the expense of gas. The computer control only turns on the gas flow when necessary saving the expense of gas that would be wasted in a simple on/off system. Computer control also shuts off the ULS compressor pump when it is not needed.

Compatibility: Professional Series laser platforms (M360, V, X & XL Platforms). Requires an external air and/or gas supply. The External Compressor Unit for Air Assist is highly recommended. Any air or gas supply not provided by ULS must have a regulator set to no higher than 60 PSI and air must be oil free, dried and filtered air.

Installation: Must be factory installed.

Common Uses: Higher power engraving and cutting or any rubber engraving.


Coaxial Air Assist with Optics Protection (Non-Computer Controlled):

Purpose: Suppresses flaming and assists with optics protection.

Advantage: The Non-Computer Controlled Air Assist provides the same lens and mirror protection and flame suppression (using a nozzle) as the more sophisticated Computer Controlled Air Assist but with a single gas and no computer control. Turning the compressor pump or gas supply on lets air or gas flow. Turning the compressor pump or gas supply off stops the air or gas flow.

Compatibility: All M, V & X laser platforms. Requires an external air supply. The External Compressor Unit for Air Assist is highly recommended. Any air or gas supply not provided by ULS must have a regulator set to no higher than 60 PSI. Filtered air from a compressor using oil is not acceptable. Air must be oil free, dried and filtered.

Installation: Must be factory installed.

Common Uses: Higher power engraving or cutting and any rubber engraving.


Dual Head Option:

Purpose: The Dual Head Option allows laser processing of two identical jobs at the same time. It does this by splitting the work area into two identical work areas and the beam into two beams. Because splitting the beam reduces each beams power by approximately 50%, it is usually necessary to reduce processing speed.

Advantage: Production rate increases from 0-100% depending on application. Advantages typically increase with higher power and larger engraving areas.

Compatibility: Professional Series (M360, X & V platforms)

Installation: Under one minute.

Common Uses: High volume production of large identical items.


External Compressor for Air Assist:

Purpose: Air source for Air Assist.

Advantage: Though other air sources can be used, the External Compressor was designed to provide the appropriate air supply from a compact, reasonably quiet and easy to use package. The unit consists of an oil-free compressor, an in-line filter and all required hoses, fittings and connections.

Compatibility: All platforms with Air Assist.

Installation: Quick connector connection to the machine and standard electrical hookups.

Common Uses: Recommended as an air source for the Air Assist.


Focus Lens Options:

Purpose: Special applications.

Advantage: For most CO2 applications, the standard or universal 2.0" focal length lens is the best choice. For very specialized applications, lenses are available with either a smaller spot size or are longer to give more clearance between the lens and the work.

Compatibility: All laser platforms. The lens and the third mirror are mounted on a quick install holder assembly.

Installation: Less than ten seconds with no tools required.

Common Uses: To give more clearance or reduce beam spot size for very special applications.


High Power Density Focusing Optics™:

Purpose: Extremely detailed engraving or fine cutting.

Advantage: HPDF Optics achieves dramatically improved resolution for applications requiring extremely fine detail (small font sizes) or photos.

Compatibility: All Professional and XL Series laser systems; field retrofit kits are available for older machines (call factory or representative for information).

Common Uses: To provide improved resolution, finer, more detailed engraving and increased cutting depth.


High Torque Rotary Fixture
: The High Torque Rotary Fixture was developed to allow laser processing around cylindrical surfaces. It holds the part between two cones that adapt to a variety of common shapes. It also can accommodate tapered items because it allows raising one end of the fixture. The fixture is computer controlled and can engrave an entire 360 degrees around an object or more if overlap is needed.

Advantage: Ability to process cylindrical objects

Compatibility: All M, V and X laser platforms.

Working Range: Items up to 8 inches in diameter and up to 16 inches long.

Installation: Less than 30 seconds. All Compatible systems are shipped from the factory rotary ready.

Common Uses: Glassware, sporting goods, mugs and most cylindrical objects.


Honeycomb Cutting Table:

Purpose: Supports materials being laser cut and provides some vacuum hold down.

Advantage: Minimizes burning of the back side of materials being cut all the way through by supporting materials above the reflective work table in the machine. The honeycomb design supports even small cut parts. The cutting table is designed to draw air through it to remove smoke and cutting vapors as they are generated which aids in keeping the cut parts and the machine cleaner. The table has ruler guides similar to the work table it is installed onto to aid in positioning materials.

Compatibility: All M, V and X laser platforms.

Common Uses: Wood and paper cutting.


Red Laser Pointer:

Purpose: Visible red beam material positioning tool.

Advantage: Simplifies and speeds setup by verifying exact position of odd shaped items on the work table. The position on the work table that the beam points to is displayed in X-Y coordinates to allow proper job setup. The beam can also be turned on in a simulated machine run to point to where the processing laser beam will be during an actual production run.

Compatibility: Standard on all laser platforms

Common Uses: Most critical positioning on the table. Recommended for all machines.

 CO2 laser engraver/cutter/marker

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