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          Water-cooled Q-switch: 33027-50-5-I-HGM




Interactive Material

Crystal Quartz

Acoustic Mode


Operating Wavelength

1064 nm

Window Configuration

AR "V" Coated

Static Transmission

>99 %

Operating Frequency

27.12 MHz

Loss Modulation

>85 % With Linear Polarization Perpendicular to the Acoustic Propagation


>70 % With Random Polarization

Acoustic Aperture Size

5 mm x 10 mm 

Rise Time

115 nsec / mm Beam Diameter

Deflection Angle

5 mrad

RF Power Level

50 Watts


50 Ohms


1.2:1 @ 27.12 MHz


33027-50-5-I-HGM-W, With water fittings: 53B1059


33027-50-5-I-HGM,  No water fittings: 53B1290


33027-50-5-I-HGM-CMS,  With water fittings and aperture cones: 53B1186


Water Cooled @ 0.1GPM <300C

Recommended Driver:

Digital Driver System: 39027-50DS***


Digital Driver Module: 38027-50DM** or 39027-50DM***


Options: ** = PK, PKPW *** = PPK, FPS, A05, R05





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