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Fiber Delivery Set for CO2 Laser




A laser delivery system is destinated for transmission energy of laser to an object for processing.


1) Adjustable coupler to laser head

2) Hermetic unit

3) PIR-fiber cable

4) Focusing handpiece

Common features

Total transmission (1.5 m length)


Maximum input power

50 W CW

Minimal bending radius

10 cm

Focusing handpiece

Focusing handpiece diameter

max 22 mm

Focusing handpiece length

max 100 mm

Focal spot size

0.65-0.9 mm

Operating distance*

20 mm

PIR-Fiber cable

According to PIR-fiber specifications, in PEEK tubing and outer jacket, carrying cooling gas, Ti-SMA-connectors

Coupler to laser head

Maximal laser beam diameter

8 mm


30 mm

Length (with hermetic unit)

140 mm

Connecting dimensions**

Screw M30*1

Hermetic unit

Nipple dia

6 mm

Cooling gas pressure

0.1-0.15 atm


Refocusing & Collimating Fiber/Lens Objectives



� Compatible with SMA-terminated fiber cables

� NA=0.35, Pupil diameter 14 mm

� Refocusing or collimating design



� Focusing of collimated beam into fiber

� Collimation of output beam from fiber

� Fiber end imagination to detector / emitter element


Technical parameters

� Z-translation stage adjustable in �5 mm range Lens parameters

� ZnSe or Ge - on request

� �15 mm; f = 20 mm or 10 mm - on request

� AR - coating for 3-5.5μm or 8-12μm - on request




  Collimating Coupler                                                      Refocusing objective 

1-Case;  2- Lens;  3- Z-translation stage;  4- SMA-Adaptor

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