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The A36xxx RF driver series provides up to 2 Watt output power. Various types cover a frequency range from 80 to 350 MHz. The frequency is customizable.


The maximum RF output power is adjustable by an internal potentiometer. The analogue modulation voltage controls the output power from 0 to 100% of the adjusted maximum power.


Additional to the analogue modulation voltage a digital modulation control signal can switch on and off the RF power. An operation scheme below (page 6) illustrates the interaction of the two modulation signals in detail


Both the analogue and digital modulation are characterized by extraordinary on/off ratios of at least 70 dB.


The driver can be operated with modulation frequencies (analogue and digital) up to 1/4 of the carrier frequency.


Optimum EMC shielding and mechanical protection is achieved by an aluminium casing and a conductive surface passivation. The base plate serves for mounting as well as for heat dissipation.


Key Features:

Frequency range 80 to 350 MHz

RF output power 2 Watt

Optimized for grey-scale applications

RF on/off ratio > 65 dB

Constant output power design: maximum fluctuation ± 5% between cold and warm state

Conductive cooling through base plate

Compact housing, fully shielded (EMC)



Fast modulation components for extra cavity applications, e. g. RGB systems


Technical Specifications

Supply voltage

+24 VDC

Supply current

typ. 1.1 A @ 2 W RF output power

Output impedance

nom. 50W

Maximum RF output power (adjustable) *

> 2 W (+37 dBm)

Analogue modulation



50 or 600W

Voltage range @ 50W

0 … +1 V or 0 … +5 V **

Voltage range @ 600W

0 … +5 V or 0 … +10 V **

RF ON / OFF ratio

> 65 dB

Digital modulation



4k7 or 50 _ (pull-up or pull-down) **


High = 3V … 5V

Low = 0 … < 2V

Logic styles

positive logic, pull-up

Input signal:    High        Low     not connected

RF power:       on           off        on

positive logic, pull-down

on           off        off

negative logic, pull-up

off           on        off

negative logic, pull-down

off           on        on

RF ON / OFF ratio

> 100 dB

* into 50W load

** other combinations on request


Technical Data, Frequency-Dependent

RF output frequency [MHz]









Frequency accuracy [ppm]





< ±30




Harmonics distortion * [dBc]





< -26




Analogue modulation RF rise time / fall time (10 … 90%) *





< 8 ns




Digital modulation RF rise time / fall time (10 … 90%) *





< 8 ns




* into 50W load










Connectors, Dimensions, Weight, Cooling

RF output connector

SMA female

Control input connector

D-Sub 7W2

Pins 1 and 2, inside linked

GND (case)

Pins 3 and 5, inside linked

+Us (24 VDC)

Pin 4

not connected

Pin A1 (coaxial)

Analogue modulation

Pin A2 (coaxial)

Digital modulation




120 mm x 50 mm x 35 mm **

Mounting plate, standard case

120 mm x 70 mm x 3 mm **

** length x width x height



Standard case

340 grams

Compatible case

370 grams


Conduction, the base plate must be attached to a suitable heat sink.


Environmental Conditions

Warm up time

10 minutes for optimum stability

Base plate temperature

+10°C … +40°C For optimum output power stability constant base plate temperature should be provided.

Storage temperature

-20°C … +70°C, non condensing


Absolute Maximum Ratings

Supply voltage max.

+26 VDC

Analogue modulation


Voltage range @ 0 … +1 V

-0.5 V … +1.1 V

Voltage range @ 0 … +5 V

-0.5 V … +5.5 V

Voltage range @ 0 … +10 V

-0.5 V … +11.0 V

Digital modulation



-0.5 V … +5.5 V

Maximum operating temperature

+50°C base plate temperature


Quality Standards

EU 2002/95/EC (RoHS)


EMC standards

VDE 0871-B

FCC Rules Part 15-B

Thermal test

2h @ 70°C passive

Burn-in test

30 minutes @ maximum RF power output


Variants List / Ordering Codes

1 The voltage range corresponds to 0 to 100% of the potentiometer pre-adjusted maximum RF output power.

2 A pull-up resistor provides HIGH level, a pull-down resistor LOW level in case of not connected input.

3 Further configurations on request.


Operation Scheme of Analogue and Digital Modulation



“Standard” Housing, base plate 120 x 70 mm


Control Connector

 AOM driver N21xxx-yAM     N21xxx-yDM      N31xxx-yADM      AOMs   A35xxx

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