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The laser wavelength meter measures the wavelength of both CW and pulsed lasers of any repetition rate. The wavelength can be displayed in GHz, wavenumbers, or nanometers, with vacuum and air readings available. The meter will read the peak wavelength of sources as wide as 2nm from 380nm to 1095nm. Bandwidths wider than 2nm can be accommodated at the longer wavelengths.


The meter is easy to use. Just turn on the readout and get the beam within 10 degrees of normal incidence to the sampling probe. The probe has a 2-meter fiber optic cable and takes up a minimum of beam path space. Most intensity variances are automatically accommodated, but for the strongest and weakest signals a front panel attenuator adjustment and intensity readout quickly afford accurate readings. No special triggering modes or setups are required for pulse capture.


The meter is portable with AC and battery power. The large easy-to-read display is backlit and has adjustable contrast control for easy viewing. Configuration settings are maintained in memory and retrieved on start-up for convenience. Communication with the meter is also easy with built-in RS-232 and an optional GPIB interface.


The meter is easy to read with front panel adjustments of contrast and back-lightning for the extra-large display. Parameters that have been set-up are clearly displayed in addition to signal intensity and pulse retrieved indicators. When in the CW mode of operation the display is updated at an easy to read 3Hz rate. While in the pulse mode the display is updated at 3Hz and maintained for 15 seconds after a pulse for reading single events.


Calibration is maintained by sophisticated algorithms that monitor the meters response. Periodically and upon indication from the algorithms the meter is referenced to the fundamental Ne lines.



          380 nm to 1095 nm Wavelength Range

          RS-232 and Optional GPIB Interfaces

          0.005 nm accuracy

          0.001 nm resolution

          Internal self-calibration

          Fiber input with sampling probe


Part Number



Laser Wavelength Meter


Wavelength Coverage

380-1095 nm


0.005 nm


0.001 nm

Min. Pulse Rep Rate

Single shot

Max. Pulse Rep Rate


Max. Signal Bandwidth

2nm @ 400nm

3nm @ 600nm

5nm @ 1000nm

Min. Signal

20W CW @632nm

2mJ pulsed @ 1064nm

Max. Signal

100mW CW @ 632nm

100mJ pulsed @ 1064nm

Display Update

3 Hz


281mm wide x 105mm high x 352mm deep

Storage Conditions

          Relative Humidity


-10C to 50C

Non-condensing and <80%


Use Conditions

          Relative Humidity


-10C to 50C

Non-condensing and <80%


Power Supply (supplied)

Universal 90-250 VAC, 40-72 Hz in 12 VDC out


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