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          Diode End-pumped Ceramic Lasers (1064nm)


Diode end-pumped ceramic lasers adopt full sealed-off design with small volume and low power consumption as well as fiber-coupled pumping, which is easily for the integration of system and equipment. The modularized design provides the convenience for changing by customers. The laser beam is TEMoo with high beam quality, high peak power and short pulse width. Excellent resonator design can keep average laser power and pulsed peak power stable & constant. This laser can meet the requirements of most industrial precision processing. What's more, it's absolute air cooling, the micro-optics design of key pumping  source is the most advanced all over the world.




l   Diode pumped air cooling technology - low power consumption.

l   Unique split type design.

l   Compared to normal crystals Nd:YAG and Nd:YVO4 lasers, it is much better beam quality and better laser power stability.

l   Fiber coupled diode pumping with high pumping efficiency & long lifetime(>20,000 hrs).

l   The laser is sealed and it is anti-dusty.

l   High performance price ratio.




End-pumped ceramic laser is suitable for marking on various materials, such as nylon, ABS, PVC, PES, steel, titanium, copper, plating materials, coating materials, sprayed materials, plastic, rubber, epoxy resin etc.


Diode end-pumped ceramic laser has excellent applications in various fields, such as mobile phone, jewellery, crafts, scribing, film engraving, laser marking & engraving, resistance trimming, range finding, scientific research etc.


Part number


Laser wavelength


Average laser power


3.0W@2kHz    4.3W@5kHz

6.3W@10kHz    8.5W@20kHz

Laser beam diameter


Beam divergence


Pulse width

10 - 30ns

Pulse energy

1.5mJ@2kHz      0.86mJ@5kHz

0.63mJ@10kHz    0.43mJ@20kHz

Peak power

141.5kW@2kHz    76.1kW@5kHz

47.7kW@10kHz    26kW@20kHz

Beam mode


Beam quality M2


Modulation frequency range

1kHz - 60kHz

Power stability


Pointing RMS




Warming time


Input electricity


Environmental temperature

15 - 30 (non dewing)


Laser Beam Energy Distribution

3D distribution                    Distribution along X-axis                Distribution along Y-axis


The beam energy distributions along X axis and Y axis are symmetric.


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